Is A Scam? A Detailed Review And Personal Experience promises high earnings for publishers. Many publishers are eager to work with them but it seems that will hardly approve any new websites.

Before we talk about, lets understand some of the key factors that play a major role in acceptance or rejection of a website.

The most important factor is the supply and demand factors. If a company has a decent number of advertisers who are interested in your product, you will most likely get approved.

Another factor is the original content. If you are publishing high value and original content, you have high chances of getting accepted into almost all advertising companies.

My Experience With

I have another website that deals with self-help. approached me saying that they have some advertisers who are interested in my website.

I was not really interested in working with them but they would call me almost everyday. I finally decided to give them a try the earning was good. i was making upto 17 $ a day.

I was satisfied with the amount of money i was earning with even though my online research clearly yelled that they will ban my account when i would reach my payment threshold.

That is exactly what happened. I was about 14 days away from receiving my first payment. They were to pay me 340 $ and that is when i received my first notification telling me that the traffic quality was not that great.

On second notification i temporarily removed their ads from my website to investigate the issue.

According to webmaster tools, analytics and alexa, everything was jus fine. There were no traffic issues. As a matter of fact, my traffic quality was improving on regular basis.

I sent all the stats to my my account manager at and asked for proof that my traffic quality was low.

They provided no proof at all.

So my experience with them was really bad.

Even though it is claimed the is powered by yahoo and bing the results are still rather frustrating.

Should You Apply For account?

In my opinion there is nothing wrong in giving them a try. Just do not replace them with your existing network. Run an add or two for a month to find out your earning potential.

I think it is a better idea to have some sort of contract with them that will force them to pay you for the impressions and clicks generated by your website.

How To Apply For A Account?

The process to apply for publisher account is really simple.

1. Visit their website. The main page will look like this

As you can see they have provided the sign up form on their main page.

2. Fill in all required details and submit the form.

3. You are done. They will manually review your website and get in touch with you if they are interested in your website.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Account Approved?

There is no fixed time period for that. Usually they take two to three weeks.

Once your account has been approved, you will be able to log into your account, create ad units and run their ads on your websites.

What type of Ads Does Offers?

They offer all the basic ad sizes and they show keyword boxes. They do have display ads but they are just a few and most of the times these ads are shown to visitors from uk, usa and canada only.

They have some conditions as well.

1.Most of your traffic should be coming from usa, canada and australia.

2. Your website must be getting decent amount of organic traffic on regular basis.

3. Your website must be getting updated on regular basis.

4. Most of your content must be original.

Their policy makes sense but there is more to it.

Your traffic should convert. Your traffic should be buying products from their advertisers and if that does not happen, they will mark your traffic as low quality and your account might get suspended with all your earning frozen.

This is where i do not agree with them. As a publisher i have control over what i publish and i cannot control the behavior of my traffic on another website.

May be some of my visitors will buy a product or two. May be they won’t. I cannot be held responsible for that because that is simply out of my sphere of control.

During my research on i found that most of the bloggers are unhappy with their service. There are several posts online like this one and this one.

I was reading another post where a blogger was detailing how he was cheated and all that.

Most of the bloggers confirm that once bans your account, your account manager will vanish. Your emails will not be replied and their appeal system is totally defective as you will never hear anything back from their policy team.

I seriously doubt the fact that they a team to deal with complaints and appeals. At least from what i read and experienced this appears to be true.

The goal behind this post was not to point a finger at anyone but to state the facts only.

If you have a legit advertising network like google adsense, i would suggest that you stick to that and do not waste your time with

Accept it or not, it really hurts to have all your clicks and impressions wasted. If you are scammed, you will be losing two months of your traffic and earnings.

If you are using any other advertising platform like infolinks  or chitika then feel free to apply for a account.

In the video below, i will show you the exact step by step sign up process so that you can watch the process in action.

Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments sections below. If you have any questions, do ask them and i will try my level best to answer as soon as possible.

And yes! do not forget to share this post as it will help more people.

Watch the video tutorial on how to sign up for account (Review included)

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    i am akolapo from Nigeria. I have two blogs and one tube website, i am running only sisterads on my adult site and two blogs with adsense and sisterads, sometimes my average sisterads CPM rate is higher than average adsense CPC. I talk to sisterads on skype and she told me, i will be paid daily not monthly if i will have premium account for that i must have 10,000 visitor/day from tire-1 countries. I have only 6000 visitor/day and earning $9/day from sisterads only.
    I am sharing my experience because of high cpm rate and good skype support. Today i got an email from sisterads billing department after 5 hours of my payment received that`s if i am happy with sisterads then review about it and i thought i should review about it. Good Ad Network